Thursday, August 23, 2012

kid labor (not a toddler anymore)

in less than 3 months, andy will be turning two.  she's become more kid than toddler these past few months.  for one, she speaks a lot and in full sentences.  she copies almost everything that alex and karol say and do. she can also jump on both feet already, etc. etc.

first sentence
andy, talks a lot and understands simple commands. she can also answer simple questions and say niceties. however, sometimes we don't really know what she's saying. sometimes she even just pretends to say something just because alex or karol or both are also telling us something.

one time, andy was playing with alex in the living room. they were probably enjoying so much that when daddy called, "andy, come! let's take bath." very strongly, she said, "no! i don't want bath!"  i almost dropped the dishes i was washing to check if it was really andy talking in a completely composed sentence.  everyone, including alex laughed.

"i want to also"
it's a broken phrase she got from karol.  usually when karol wants to have something he sees from us, he says, "mommy, i want to also eat that." so now, andy says, "mommy, i want to also." whenever she wants to ask for food.

summer time = ice cream.  the first time andy tasted ice cream, she didn't like it.  it was probably too cold for her taste. everytime we go out for ice cream, i try to offer her some but she always says, "i don't want."  early today, we went for ice cream in the old town. as usual, she got her free cone but probably got tired of it and ate just half.  so, i offered to her my mojito ice cream. surprise! surprise! she learned that she actually likes ice cream. after every lick she kept saying, "mommy, i want to also."  well, she ended up finishing my ice cream.

budding artist
it is not a secret that alex likes to draw.  andy copies everthing, so it is also not a surprise that she would "draw" whenever alex takes out paper and crayons. she's actually very good now at holding crayons and pencils, equally with both the left and the right hand. without defying the law of nature, andy's scribbles sometimes ends up in the wrong places. today, it was on the floor.  i caught her in the act, so i tried to give her immediate punishment. see below... 

scene: andy wipes the floor. after some time, 
stands up and tries to do something else
mommy: andy! clean that up!
scene: andy goes back to wipe the floor

totally hilarious! *lol* bad mommy... :D

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